PowerBlock Sport Bench Review – Worth Your Money?

The PowerBlock Sport Bench comes with a separate seat, 550 LB (pound by weight) weight capacity and a back pad adjustment. This is one of the best adjustable bench system, which is simple to use, and very durable. Why of course, it’s made by Powerblock, one of the strongest and safest weight system brands in the world.

A work bench can prove to be incredibly beneficial for frequent exercisers, bodybuilders, and those that want to get into shape. Unfortunately, the market is somewhat oversaturated with workout benches and many of them aren’t worth your time of money. 

PowerBlock Sport Bench

The Power Block Company, which is widely known for their innovative adjustable dumbbells, makes the Sport Bench and it is rapidly growing in popularity. When compared to some of the alternatives, the PowerBlock Sport Bench is affordable. But, is it worth your money? Continue reading and you’ll find out.

Sturdiness And Weight Capacity

When trying to narrow down your options and purchase a great workout bench, you’ll want to make sure to inspect the bench’s weight capacity. Not only do you need to take your weight into consideration, but also you’ll need to consider the weight of your dumbbells or your barbell.

The bench needs to be capable of supporting the entirety of the weight or it’ll collapse and you could end up seriously injured! The PowerBlock Sport Bench is capable of easily accommodating 550 pounds of weight. For the mass majority of body builders, this will be more than enough to carry their weight.

The Powerblock adjustable bench is manufactured, using a 14 gauge steel tubing, so you can be guarantee it is durable and will undoubtedly last for many years.

Easy To Store

Many workout benches are almost enormous and consume way too much space. Making them unrealistic for smaller dwellings. Also, some people do not have a room, which can be solely dedicated to their fitness equipment. This is where the Sports Bench will prove to be immensely advantageous.  Just like the bowflex 5.1 adjustable bench, the Powerblock bench is very easy to store.

The bench is compact and will not consume a lot of space. At the same time, it is equipped with wheels, which help to increase its portability. When you’ve finished using it for the day, you can simply grab the bottom, haul it to your garage and store it away.

Ergonomically Designed

This bench is built in such a way, that it’s safe for bodybuilders. This company is really concerned with designing and arranging of this bench.

Unlike, many of the competitor brands the Powerblock Sport Bench is ergonomically designed. While, many individuals would not give this feature a second thought, it plays a huge role in the level of comfort that it can provide.

The backrest is designed to replicate the body and when it lowered to the lowest supine position, you will be able to lift your weights without restriction. The tradition weight bench is rectangular in shape, making it difficult to do bench presses, without hitting the back of your arm on the bench.

Now, with the Powerblock Sport Bench you can achieve a more flexible workout and this is not to even mention the seat. The seat is designed to replicate the buttocks and pelvis. The athlete can sit comfortably on the seat and make minor body position adjustments without issue.

Positional Options

With 5 positional options to select from, you can customize the bench to suit the type of exercise that you are going to do. You can select from the military to 90-degree upright and three more positions in between. Not only will the proper position ensure better performance, but it will decrease the risk of injury. The adjustment mechanism slides up and down very smoothly, so adjustments can be made within seconds.

Immense Peace of Mind

If you’re even remotely familiar with PowerBlock, you’ll know that the company does a lot to provide the consumer with peace of mind. This remains true with the Sport Bench.

The product’s pads are covered by a 1-year warranty. As for the frame, its protected by a 10-year home use warranty. This is very generous considering that the bench itself is fairly affordable.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • 10-year warranty on the frame
  • 1-year warranty for the pads
  • Capable of supporting 550 pounds of weight
  • Offers 5 different positions
  • Handle and wheels provide increased portability
  • 14-gauge steel tubing is built to last
  • Can be used for an abundance of exercises
  • Compatible with Dip and Chin attachments
  • Very little assembly required


  • Seat is a little hard
  • Seat may wobble a bit during use

General Evaluation

All in all, the PowerBlock Sport Bench is a good workout bench at a low cost. It is incredibly durable and the included warranties guarantee it’ll serve you for many years to come. The seat might be a little flawed, but it’ll serve its purpose and provide you with a place to perform all of your lifting exercises.

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