A Thorough Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell 120 LB Add-On Kit Review – Worth The Investment?

There is an abundance of weight lifters, who will agree that the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells are the best dumbbells on the market. They’re reliable, quiet and the weight plates remain securely in place throughout the duration of the workout. The ironmaster quick lock dumbbell 120 lb Add on Kit is one of the best products from Ironmaster.

Unfortunately, there is one minor problem, which prevents these dumbbells from being perfect. They’re only capable of delivering 75 pounds of weight! Serious bodybuilders will eventually need a tougher workout. Rest assured knowing rectification for this problem is now available. With the Quick Lock Dumbbell 120 LB add on kit, you can increase the weight to a maximum of 120 pounds!

Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell 120 lb Add on Kit

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What Is Included?

The Ironmaster 120 pound add-on kit includes everything you will need to transform your existing Ironmaster 75 pound dumbbells into 120 pound dumbbells. The kit comes with four weight plates, which are 22.5 pounds each. Together, they add up 90 pounds.

Adding two weights to each dumbbell will increase the weight by 45 pounds and the process couldn’t be easier. The simplicity of the upgrade should be credited to the innovative locking mechanism of the Ironmaster Dumbbells.

The kit also includes four locking pins. They’re slightly longer than the original pins and help to accommodate the additional width of the new weights.

Upgrade Process

Another thing to consider is the upgrade process itself. How difficult will it be to make the transition from 75 pounds to 120 pounds? You will be surprised by the simplicity and effortlessness of the procedure. In fact, you won’t need any tools or assistance.

As long as you’ve already familiarized yourself with the locking mechanism of the Iron Master dumbbells, you’ll be able to make the conversion is just a few seconds. Simply grab ahold of the handle and twist the existing locking pin to remove it.

Add the additional weight plate, insert the longer locking pin and give it a twist. Now, repeat the process for the rest of the weight plates. And you’re good to go.

What Can Be Achieved?

Although a lot of people will be entirely satisfied with 75 pounds of weight, some will want to push themselves further and further. If you fall into this category, you’ll eventually hit the peak and will find lifting 75 pounds to be a little too easy for your liking.

When this happens, you will undoubtedly need to make the upgrade or your workouts will no longer be efficient or worth your while. The good news is that the Iron Master dumbbells are great and they’ll definitely last for an extensive period of time.

Also, they’re protected by a lifetime limited warranty. With this in mind, you can easily justify improving the efficiency of the dumbbells, by increasing their weight. By making the transition to 120-pound dumbbells, you will be able to achieve a great deal. Not only will you dramatically enhance the intensity of your workouts, but also you’ll seamlessly improve the longevity and lifespan of your dumbbells.

Warranty Information

The Iron Master dumbbells and all of their weight plates are incredibly durable and capable of taking a beating. Even if you drop them a few times, you can rest assured knowing they’ll most likely remain fully intact.

As with the dumbbells themselves, the 120-pound add-on kit is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which is available to the original purchaser. Remember that the warranty only provides protection to the consumer, when the dumbbells are used for normal exercise purposes.

  • Very solid and will withstand the test of time
  • Protected by an extensive warranty
  • Provides you with everything needed to increase Iron Master 75-pound dumbbells to 120 pounds
  • Making the upgrade couldn’t be easier
  • Enhances your workouts and ensures you’ll be able to achieve your weight loss goals
  • Extends the lifespan of your existing dumbbells
  • Slightly costly, but will be worth it for many people
  • Makes the dumbbells awkwardly long
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Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the IronMaster dumbbells are great, but 75-pounds won’t cut it for many people. The good news is that upping the maximum to 120 pounds is quick and easy.

If you want to get the most out of your IronMaster dumbbells, you will most certainly want to purchase the add-on kit. The swap is quick and the benefits delivered are beyond enormous.

CLICK HERE TO purchase the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell 120 lb Add on Kit

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