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IronMaster 45 LB Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System Review – Versatility And Ease Of Use

What makes the IronMaster 45 LB Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System so great? What made this weight system have more 5.0 rating out of 5 star on Amazon from customers who have purchased and used this product? You’ll learn more below.

As technology has improved substantially, manufacturers have gotten much more innovative and creative than ever before. No sector has been left untouched, by this revolution and even the exercise industry has been impacted. The adjustable dumbbell was introduced and the concept gained traction almost immediately.

Now, this particular model of dumbbell is widely believed to be the best and the IronMaster company is known as one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

IronMaster 45 LB Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System Review

IronMaster 45 LB Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell
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Rapid Adjust-ability

In the past, attempting to adjust the weight of dumbbells was tedious, frustrating and a bit of a mess. First, you were required to unscrew the locking nut, before fiddling around with unstable weights. If you got lucky, you would be able to get everything sorted out within five or ten minutes. This greatly restricted the use of dumbbells and made them somewhat unsuitable for cross fit workouts. With the IronMaster Quick Lock Dumbbell System, the process is sped up and simplified to a surprising degree.

Once you’ve mastered the transition, you’ll be able to effortlessly switch between weight options within seconds. Simply grab the handle with one hand and twist the locking pin with the other. This will unlock the pin and allow you to remove it. Add or remove the weight plates and complete the aforementioned steps in reverse. And you’re done. The entire process can be completed in just fifteen seconds.

Eliminates Clutter

Old-fashioned dumbbells were inconvenient, because they required the user to handle many different components. Not only would they be forced to unscrew the nut, but also they needed to use ten or fifteen different weight plates. When these plates weren’t in use, they were most likely strewn throughout the user’s home in a haphazard and slightly dangerous manner. Nobody likes clutter and it can be effectively eliminated, by upgrading to the innovative IronMaster Quick-Lock 45 Pound Dumbbell System.

Although Serious bodybuilders will eventually need a tougher workout, you can checkout the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell 120 LB Add-On Kit

Although the set still includes 16 weight plates, all of them can remain attached to the bar, at all times. This helps you avoid turning your workout room into a mess and helps to eliminate trip hazards. Regardless, you’ll still be able to replicate the same workouts you were able to acquire with the tradition dumbbells. The only difference is that doing so will be easier than ever before.

Weight Options

When you’re new to exercising and lifting weights, you won’t want to start with too much. Instead, it is advised that you start slow and work your way up, as you go. This is why many beginners prefer the 45-pound dumbbells from IronMaster. For beginners, 45 pounds for each arm will likely be a struggle. Have no fear. You can easily manipulate the weight of these dumbbells within a matter of seconds and the weight options are truly plentiful.

In all, the user will be able to find choose a weight between 5 and 45 pounds. Changes can be made in increments of just 2.5 pounds. With this type of freedom, you will always be able to acquire the precise resistance that you prefer.

Durability Galore

Whether you’re buying dumbbells, barbells or a bench, you’ll want to go above and beyond to make sure that your investment is going to last and serve you well for the duration. This won’t be a concern with the IronMaster Adjustable Dumbbell System.

The dumbbells are incredibly heavy-duty and won’t be damaged by a minor drop. There are no plastic or fragile pieces and the handles are chrome plated.

The grips are also knurled, so they won’t slip out of your hands and smash to the ground. Of course, the biggest benefit of all is the lifetime warranty! The combination can provide you with reassurance and the confidence that you’ve made a worthwhile investment.

  • Protected by a lifetime warranty
  • Can be upgraded to 75 or 120 pounds in the future
  • Durability is truly unparalleled
  • Knurled grips decrease the potential for drops
  • 45-pound limit and plenty of weight options in between
  • Removing and adding weight plates is quick and easy
  • No fragile parts or components
  • Very little to no rattling
  • Many people will want more than 45 pounds
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Overall Assessment

There is no doubt that IronMaster Dumbbells are some of the best on the market. They’re incredibly durable, versatile, and easily upgradable. If you’re satisfied with the 45-pound limit, the decision to invest in the IronMaster 45 LB Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System is truly a no-brainer.

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