4 Must Have Features Of Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are in high demand – it’s no surprise since they’re very versatile, easy to store when not in use and a real time saver when you’re working out in your home as you won’t need to go to the gym.

There are various types of adjustable dumbbells available, all made with different materials and boasting different weights – but there are 4 features that every set should have so you can get the most out of them when using them to work out.

4 Must Have Features Of Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells features

Appropriate maximum weight

One of the first things to look for is the maximum weight for the set and the best way to pick the right one for you is to see what type of weight lifter you are. You can click here to checkout the best weight products for workouts.

If you’re a casual weight lifter, just looking to improve your workout when lifting weights or trying to lose weight, you won’t need a 200 lbs set that you may not be able to lift in a lifetime, a smaller set will do just fine, but if your goal is to build muscle, get a heavy and durable adjustable dumbbells set that will take your level of use.

An easy to use adjusting mechanism

The adjusting mechanism has to be simple to use and quick because you will switch weights regularly (as you should do, since it’s best to not let your body adapt to a workout or a weight) and you don’t have to get frustrated every time your adjust the plates or waste time that will hurt the intensity of your training.

Make sure the mechanism is durable, not made with plastic materials that have the bad tendency to break when you least expect them, and make sure you can make the switch fast – it will help with not wasting any time in between exercised.

Quality materials

It’s not worth it to buy a new set of dumbbells every year, so be sure to get a quality set made of durable materials, preferably made from a sturdy metal – they will not be as cheap as sets with plastic components, but they also don’t risk breaking when you’re lifting weights overhead.

Plastic weights are a bad idea as well since they usually don’t last longer than a year, even though they seem heavy and durable. You should be completely safe from harm when working out, especially if you’re lifting heavy weights, so a quality adjustable dumbbells set is a must have.

Dumbbell stand/racks

With most adjustable dumbbells sets you can get optional racks or stands to support your dumbbells either to make them quick and easy to grab and use when you’re in the middle of a workout or to neatly store them away in a closet when not in use.

Racks are great if you have a bad back so you won’t have to bend down to get your weights and they’re immensely useful and convenient in all manners of workouts that include weight lifting.

Adjustable dumbbells are very practical piece of equipment that will help you lose weight and get fit when used regularly, so be sure to choose the set  that’s most suitable to your type of workout and your needs.

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