Techniques For Enhancing Your Strength Without The Need For Heavy Weights

It might be considered unmanly to not want to lift heavy weights, but this is simply a myth. In fact, research has shown time and again that it is possible to build strength and develop muscles with much lighter weights. You might believe that it is necessary to lift heavy weights each and every week, in order to hit your peak and achieve your goals. This isn’t true. You might look more manly by lifting a greater amount of weight at once, but strength training should be supplemented with other forms of weight training for maximum results.

Sometimes, adding speed and repetition to your workout will allow you to increase your strength as well. Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn how it is possible to enhance your strength with less weight.

Try The Light Bar With Speed

Many people will scoff at the idea of being able to bulk up and increase their strength without excessively heavy weights. However, research has concluded that lighter weights can be just as effective as the alternative. Of course, it is essential to remain realistic. Using a combination of heavy and light weight workouts is recommended. This is especially essential, if you’re advanced and have been working out for a long period of time. From time to time, you should decrease the weight and focus more on speed work.

Once you’ve lowered the weight, you will want to want to increase the rate of your reps, as well as the number of reps performed. Lifting the light bar will force your body to learn how to develop momentum very rapidly. This will also force an increased number of muscle fibers to get in on the equation.

In fact, this specific exercise can be very beneficial for certain athletes, such as runners, swimmers, and football players. If the athlete is required to exert a great deal of force in a short extent of time, speed work with the light bar can be very helpful.

When attempting to perform speed work with the light bar, it is recommended that you keep the weight approximately 50% of less below your maximum and keep it at this less for 2 to 6 reps. Although you might be lifting less weight, you still need to power through with maximum force. Use as much force and speed as possible. Descend quickly, ascend even quicker, and exert yourself. Also, when performing such exercises, it is essential to use the experience to improve your technique and posture.

By performing the same exercise repeatedly and with maximum force, you will eventually be able to increase your explosiveness.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Sprints


When it comes to building and maintaining a lean, muscular physique, you simply cannot beat sprinting. If you take a look at competitive athletics routines this will become pretty clear right away. Sprinting is an anabolic form of cardio workout that helps develop your cardiovascular system while maintaining your muscle growth.

It should be thought of as an extremely intense running regime that reduces the time that you have to run as compared to long distance running. Instead you are working harder in smaller increments. However, you should always keep in mind that sprinting should fit in with your training program, rather than making you so tired that is affects the rest of workout routine.

Running in the outdoors or on an open track is always the best option that you have available to you. You can always cycle, but it does not burn nearly as many calories as running. A prowler or sled also works pretty effectively if you do not have access to special equipment. You should also always try to avoid mixing your cardio workouts with your lifting sessions. Never sprint on the same day that you are going to power lift, because it can affect the effectiveness of your workouts.

Developing More Lean Muscle Mass

It is no secret that developing more lean muscle will make you stronger. Therefore, those that intend to enhance their strength will also want to pack on additional muscle. With this in mind, it is essential to focus on developing more lean muscle mass, by cutting out the excess fat and maximizing your strength for each pound you add to your body.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to formulate a workout regimen, which allows you to follow the traditional bodybuilding style of performing 8 to 12 reps at a time. You’ll also need to follow a stricter diet, so you can shed excess fat and only tack on lean muscle.

It is fine to continue performing your traditional lifts, but you should also consider trying isolation type workouts. This will help to enhance your hypertrophy, while ensuring your only add lean muscle and increase your strength along the way.

Putting Everything Together

Building strength without lifting weights will not be as easy as one would first assume. However, you adapt an extensive workout, with the proper exercises. There are many exercises that you can perform right in your home that can work magic on your muscle strength and duration.

The key is to incorporate sprints and speed work, while improving your muscle mass per each pound of body weight. Once you adapt to the exercise regimen, you will also be able to build on the duration and intensity of each exercise. Professional athletic trainers will recommend shooting for a full 10 to 15-minute workout, covering each exercise back-to-back before resting.

Some exercises that should be included in the working include:

  • Pushups (mid-hold pushups)
  • Planks (front and side planks)
  • Squats (squat jumps and body weight squats)
  • Lunges (isometric lunge holds and split squat jumps)

You should always allow your body to rest during each full circuit. Many trainers will recommend a 3 to 4-minute break after doing each exercise for at least 30 seconds. Basically, you need to focus on getting the most done in a brief period of time. Beginners will start out focusing most of their attention on weight loss. Of course, you should expect to exhibit a lot of fatigue, but you should keep on pushing forward.

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